Wolfgang Teubert

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    Professor of Corpus Linguistics

    Wolfgang Teubert holds a PhD from Heidelberg University in German and English language and literature. Before he joined the English Department, he was senior research fellow at the Mannheim Institut für Deutsche Sprache, responsible for European research projects. He is now research professor in corpus linguistics, teaching and supervising postgraduate students in corpus linguistics and in related fields.

    Wolfgang's main interests are the philosophy of language, applications of corpus linguistics in multilingual language technology and translation, semantic change and critical discourse analysis. He is the editor of the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, and he is (together with M.A.K. Halliday, Colin Yallop, and Anna Cermakova) co-author of Lexicology and Corpus Linguistics: an Introduction (Continuum 2004).

    "My version of corpus linguistics"
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    回复: Wolfgang Teubert

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    回复: Wolfgang Teubert

    Higher Education
    1971 Staatsexamen (in English and German language and literature) University of Heidelberg
    1979 Dr. phil. (thesis: Valenz des Substantivs), University of Heidelberg

    Researcher, Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS), Mannheim
    Head of Department of Research Facilities (IDS)
    Head of Department of Language Change (IDS)
    Senior Research Fellow, Head of Multilingual Research (IDS)
    Chair of Corpus Linguistics, University of Birmingham

    Founding editor (since 2007: consulting editor) of International Journal of Corpus Linguistics

    Recent publications
    (2010) Meaning, Discourse and Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    (2007) (with Michael Hoey, Michael Stubbs and Michaela Mahlberg): Text, Discourse and Corpora. London: Continuum.
    (2007) (with Ramesh Krishnamurthy) (eds.) Corpus Linguistics (Critical Concepts in Linguistics. A Reader). 6 Vols. London: Routledge.