compared to & compared with 区别

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    compared to & compared with 在“与。。。相比”这一义项上的区别是什么呢?哪位同仁能够借助语料库调查一下吗?


    compared to
    Compared to ours their house is a palace.
    My handwriting is good, but it is poor as compared to my father's.
    The bank offered to lend us$5000 but it's chickenfeed compared to what we need.

    compared with
    Imports in the first three months have increased by 10 per cent compared with the corresponding period last year.
    Compared with a quite ordinary star, like the sun, the earth is small indeed.
    He's a pygmy compared with you.
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    个人认为二者的区别在于说话人的心理位置不同,compared with中将比较双方置于同等地位,compared to则是将一方置于焦点(主题)位置,与另一方相比。
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    compared to/with something used when considering the size, quality, or amount of something in relation to something similar:
    a 20% reduction in burglary compared with last year
    Compared to our small flat, Bill's house seemed like a palace.

    Hits: 012 [001] structured school setting would have difficulty when COMPARED TO those in the structured, we were surprised to fi
    [002] e knife is very much smaller (or even negative) when COMPARED TO the value of |a for the major portion of the k
    [003] y degree of accuracy. Also, it requires more time as COMPARED TO the automatic approach. Manual leveling is inc
    [004] Charming and peaceful- but what were charm and peace COMPARED TO high adventure? Alone with the fabulous Byron! H
    [005] ed, stating that it had been a small, modest wedding COMPARED TO some of the others. There was a marked contras
    [006] during October totaled $77,389,000, up to 10 per cent COMPARED TO October, 1960, F. W. Dodge, Dodge Corporation,
    [007] 1961 amounted to $634,517,000, a 4 per cent increase COMPARED TO the corresponding period of last year. A breakdo
    [008] e still are dragging. Considering what is being done COMPARED TO what needs to be done, it behooves the hospital
    [009] bee, agreeing with his son, does so in these terms: "COMPARED TO continuing to incur a constant risk of the destr
    [010] n of unstapled leaflets that they called Guideposts. COMPARED TO the big, established magazines, my first effor
    [011] ed; a 3-by- 6-ft. plastic sign weighs about 120 lb., COMPARED TO 275-300 lb. for neon. The weight advantage, pl
    [012] piece of his career. In scope and power it can only be COMPARED TO Tolstoy's War and Peace. About one-third as lo ---------------------
    -----------------------------------------------------------Hits: 012

    [001] this program with only a 6 percent attrition rate as COMPARED WITH a rate of 59 percent reported for a comparable
    [002] population was covered in the new investigation, as COMPARED WITH about 3 percent in the previous inquiries. _
    [003] defined for purposes of the personality studies) were COMPARED WITH those subjects who shifted in Conditions /3,
    [004] ally matching form is stored. The dictionary form is COMPARED WITH each of these text forms. When a match is fo
    [005] own use of education as a means of social advancement. COMPARED WITH the college and university faculty members o
    [006] ery fluent. But this fluent, enchanting utterance had, COMPARED WITH important artists of the past, relatively li
    [007] ative surface. Its poverty shows up immediately when COMPARED WITH Tiepolo, where the rococo rises to painting of
    [008] ded to a month or more under refrigerated storage as COMPARED WITH about 10 days for the untreated product. Accep
    [009] al disrepute. She was resentful of his easy success as COMPARED WITH Shelley's failure. The same month that Alast
    [010] agreement of the parties. The award, without interest, COMPARED WITH a valuation of $57,500 placed on the propert
    [011] les jumped 14 per cent over February's 2,963. However, COMPARED WITH March 1960 new car sales of 4,441, this Marc
    [012] secutive month, reaching 242% of the 1910-14 average COMPARED WITH 237% at mid-July. KENNEDY OPPOSES any widesp
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    回复: compared to & compared with 区别

    2compared to/with somethingused when considering the size, quality, or amount of something in relation to something similar:
    a 20% reduction in burglary compared with last year
    Compared to our small flat, Bill's house seemed like a palace.

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    回复: compared to & compared with 区别

    the following examples are selected from "The Kenkyusha Dictionary of English Collocations":
    1, It is a risky speculative investment that was compared by my employer to skydiving without a parachute.
    2, Some people have compared books to friends.
    3, Life is often compared to a voyage.
    4,compare sleep to death.

    5, How can you compare this wine with a good French wine?
    6, For relaxation nothing compares with a day on/at the beach.
    7, He compared my handwriting with my father's and sain mine was greatly.
    8, compared with what it was, it has improved greatly.
    9,This place cannot be compared with Naples.
    10, as/when compared with...
    11, compared with my daughter, yours seems a veritable angel.
    12, The results are not bad, but compared with last year's they are disappointing.

    I think these examples can tell us the difference between "compare to" and "compare with".
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    It seems the relationship between compared to and compared with is not that simple as in the above instances. To my understanding, compared to is synomous with compared with in the examples presented on the first floor.
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    似乎compare 后面接sb的时候,用with要多于to;接sth的时候看不出区别
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    回复: compared to & compared with 区别


    TOT ALL % MI
    1 WITH 223 639947 0.03 3.80
    2 TO 34 2498603 0.00 -0.88
    3 IN 14 1845041 0.00 -1.72
    4 FOR 5 837783 0.00 -2.07
    TOTAL 276

    TOT ALL % MI
    1 WITH 559 2579531 0.02 3.13
    2 AGAINST 13 201789 0.01 1.38
    3 TO 537 9835024 0.01 1.14
    4 BETWEEN 11 260263 0.00 0.77
    5 IN 43 7074997 0.00 -2.03
    6 FOR 15 3290975 0.00 -2.44
    TOTAL 1178

    在BNC中with明显多于to 在coca中with和to数量相当,可能是英式英语和美式英语的区别
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    My English is not so good. I am actually Chinese; I am referring different sites now to learn English. The phrase 'compared to & compared with' well understands from your examples. Can you share the 'neither nor' and 'if' clauses too?

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