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    回复: AntParaConc

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    回复: AntParaConc

    The tool is quite simple and intuitive, I don't think any help or manual is needed to get it work.
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    I tried the software. I did not work!
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    It is not as easy as it looks! I used two test files.
    One source txt file is like this:
    read me
    downton abby
    One target txt file is like this:

    I loaded the English txt file to corpus 1; loaded the Chinese txt file to corpus 2.

    Then I searched for "read", zero hit!
    What is a line break anyway?! I heard it is "\".

    "Building a parallel corpus (from two or more aligned raw text files)
    Step 1: Click on the File->Build/Edit menu option. The "Corpus
    Builder" dialog box will appear.
    Step 2: Select "Corpus 1" and load your first raw text file. Each line
    of this file should be aligned with each line of your other
    raw text files. (A 'line' is a string of text with a line break at
    the end.)
    Step 3: Click on the "Display Name" entry box, and give your first
    corpus an appropriate name (e.g. English Corpus, Target
    Corpus, etc.)
    Step 4: Click on "Corpus 2" and repeat steps 2 and 3
    Step 5: Click 'Update Corpus' to build an internal database of the
    parallel corpus that you have built."
  6. upload_2017-6-4_15-32-7.png 安装antpconc之后打开就会出现这个对话框,已经下载了两遍,我的是win7系统,什么原因呢?