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    Lexical phrases and language teaching

    回复: Lexical phrases and language teaching Pawley and Syder claim that "lexicalized sentence stems and other memorized strings form the main building blocks of fluent connected speech." Such stereotyping in language performance applies to language acquisition as well. Research into L1 and L2...
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    Academic Phrasebank at Manchester

    回复: Academic Phrasebank at Manchester If you are worst in academic writing,then you can probabaly seek help from the various online writing services which would help you to complete your work on the time which you have try to get solution by using this in a simple manner.
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    回复: 求助:关于spss统计,三个语料库中得出某词频率,然后要做些数据分析 The most best method is to see the analytical method which would better.
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    How to translate this sentence?

    回复: How to translate this sentence? The best thing that you can use google translate or bing translate which would gives you the idea in a correct manner.
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    Getting learner data for vocabulary activities – EFCAMDAT

    回复: Getting learner data for vocabulary activities – EFCAMDAT There are various types of vocabulary actions are mainly involved in this particular section of activities,and this can be normally done with various examples in a proper manner.
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    AntConc及AntWordProfiler 视频教程

    回复: AntConc及AntWordProfiler 视频教程 Yeah this is very useful in all aspects.
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    新视野大学英语教材语料库 NHCE corpus

    回复: 新视野大学英语教材语料库 NHCE corpus how would this NHCE corpus be particularly find?
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    回复: 请求帮助:基于语料库的语用研究 The information here provided is very useful in a better way.
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    cross-linguistic semantic prosody

    回复: cross-linguistic semantic prosody Corpus linguistics is the study of language as expressed in samples (corpora) of "real world" text. This method represents a digestive approach to deriving a set of abstract rules by which a natural language is governed or else relates to another language...
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    回复: NLPIR微博博主语料库100万条 The information that you have shared here is very useful in all ways.
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    回复: 认知语言学与语料库的书? Alongside developments in language research, the potential of corpora as a resource in language learning and teaching has been evident to researchers and teachers since the late 1960s. Despite publications which emphasise the benefits of corpus consultation for language...
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    回复: 请帮忙找一篇博士论文 Several types of doctoral thesis can be available with the suitable online writing services.
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    回复: 请教:如何建设自己的语料库,建设语料库都需要哪些设备? The first thing that you need to set in your mind is to get a strong desire in a clean and clear manner.
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    回复: 跪求华科的硕士写作语料库 For this you could better get help from the online writing services which will be useful for you to complete the task in a perfect manner.and before that you need to notice that there are some fake essay writing services are also available,so try to get overview about it.
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    求文章 On deriving complex polysemy: the grammaticalization of get

    回复: 求文章 On deriving complex polysemy: the grammaticalization of get Thanks alot for sharing this information here,this is really useful in all ways.