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    Since announcing the public availability of The Prime Machine about 2 years ago, versions for Windows 64 Bit, MacOS, iOS and Android...
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    我看了北外的开放平台上只有一个红楼梦的翻译语料库,有没有更普遍意义上的呢? 曼大的那个我好像打不开(已科学上网),在本论坛的回答里找的几个链接也都失效了,头疼呀
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    To be honest, only your reply is touching. My post was posted in the very early years of 2019, and it took almost some years before the...
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    Due to the pandemic companies are suffering due to poor employee health. It has become very necessary to get your team an affordable...
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    翻译需要,谁有北外许家金教授的平行语料库入口?或者哈工大以及外研社的平行语料库? 微信号:153100442
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    Human and Inhuman geography: On the computer-assisted analysis of long texts.In M. Hoey(ed.),Data,Description,Discourse Papers on the...
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    thanks for your timely help!
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    媒体语言语料库(MLC) 中国传媒大学有声媒体文本语料库是一个开放、免费使用的语料库,由中国传媒大学...