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    求助:errors and explanations文章

    you could download the PDF of the book Errors and Explanations written by Taylor Gordon included in Applied Linguistics in1986 has been available in the following link in PDF Format, You can download from the following link by just creating the account. The link is...
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    The Cambridge Handbook of English Corpus Linguistics

    Thanks for sharing the most useful and worthful book's details here.
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    Hello jackfeng04 you could download the article about "a study of Intensifiers Chinese EFL Learner's Speech Production" in PDF Format in the following link.please make use of it. The link is...
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    you could get the PDF version of first book, "Spoken and written textual dimensions in English" written by Douglas Biber in the following link: and whereas, you could get second book of "Variation across speech and writing Cambridge" in...
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    A parallel corpus for statistical machine translation has been available in PDF format in the following link please check it whether it will be useful for you or not. The link is:
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    you could access to the PDF of "Introduction to Corpus Linguistics" in the following link such as: Please make use of it.
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    Happy Spring Festival!

    Belated new year wishes to all forum users.
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    In the above sentence I is referred to as subject,have is referred to as verb and a book is referred to as direct object.
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    2005-2015 10岁了

    It is really good to see such a fantastic period as it is really very hard to run a form for these many years in a good and best manner as it is really very hard to run a forum by protecting from spammers.
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    Really, at present there are so many high quality online websites are available to review the journal and articles.