BFSU Logistic Regression Tool


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BFSU Logistic Regression Tool: performs logistic regression on user-provided datasets.
Readme for BFSU Logistic Regression Tool
The BFSU Logistic Regression Tool performs logistic regression on user-provided datasets. Accepted file formats include Excel (.xlsx), CSV (.csv), and Text (.txt).

Upon dataset upload, the tool automatically identifies variable names and prompts users to select which variables to include in the logistic regression model. If the dataset contains categorical variables, the tool will automatically perform one-hot encoding (converting categorical values into binary data) prior to running the logistic regression.

This tool was developed through interactions with ChatGPT, guided by prompts designed by Junqiang Ren and Jiajin Xu from the BFSU Corpus Research Group, the National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education, Beijing Foreign Studies University.

NB: Please configure your antivirus to trust the tool. If execution is not allowed, use the right-click menu option to grant administrator privileges. 请配置您的杀毒软件,使之信任该软件。若系统弹窗,显示无法运行软件,请在程序文件上,点击鼠标右键,选择“以管理员身份运行”即可。