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    服务教学,新上线了一个中国军事新闻英语,所有语料都来自中国军事官网(。欢迎试用! 登录网址:
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    GZSU CQPWeb 体育英语语料库上线 账号/密码:sport/Sport2017
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    可以用UAM Corpus Tools定制一个标注系统,然后人工标注。
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    回复: 求教:哪里可以下载到中央电台访谈类节目的文字 Great thanks for sharing!
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    RIP: Professor Geoffrey Leech

    回复: RIP: Professor Geoffrey Leech Professor Geoffrey Leech is and will be remembered by us all along. May he rest in peace!
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    I wanna learn more about WordSmith

    回复: I wanna learn more about WordSmith Read the manual or the help files, you won't need any "more" information.
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    how to use UMA tool

    回复: how to use UMA tool Read the documents and try your hand!
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    请教UAM Corpus Tool中编写scheme中的一个问题

    回复: 请教UAM Corpus Tool中编写scheme中的一个问题 "Add system" -- inclusive relationship "Add feature" -- exclusive relationship
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    UAM corpus tool使用中碰到的问题

    回复: UAM corpus tool使用中碰到的问题 Try 'Local' counting!
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    Second Asia Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference (APCLC 2014) 7 - 9 March 2014 The aim of the APCLC 2014 is to bring together academics from around the world, and from the Asia Pacific area in particular, in order to report on the varied developments in the use of and investigation into corpora in linguistics, language...
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    The 2nd edition of the UCLA Written Chinese Corpus (UCLA2) available at BFSU CQPweb

    回复: The 2nd edition of the UCLA Written Chinese Corpus (UCLA2) available at BFSU CQPw Many thanks for the news and congrats! Is this corpus available for free download? I couldn't find any active download link, although the authors generously declare it is available for free use. Thanks...
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    如题,谢谢! ps:勾选 case sensitivity 的 activated 项会很麻烦,Us, 和 us 会被当做不同的词。现在,我只需要区分开专有名词。
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    求助:请问各位如何在语料库里检索lexical bundles? 哪些软件可以实现呢?

    回复: 求助:请问各位如何在语料库里检索lexical bundles? 哪些软件可以实现呢? Wordsmith和AntConc都是找节点词的lexical bundles,kfngram可以找出整个语料库中的lexical bundles.
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    求Lexical density and register differentiation

    Ure, J (1971). Lexical density and register differentiation. In G. Perren and J.L.M. Trim (eds), Applications of Linguistics, London: Cambridge University Press. 443-452. If you have this article, please do me a favor to send it to me via <>. Great thanks for your sharing!