Qtag POS tagset


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Qtag is now available from the software download section.

Here is a copy of the POS tagset for Qtag (English) for your reference:

??? no tag assigned
" simple double quote
# pound sign
$ dollar sign
' right single quote
` left single quote
( left parenthesis (round, square, curly or angle)
) right parenthesis (round, square, curly or angle)
, comma
. sentence-final punctuation
: mid-sentence punctuation
BE be
BED were
BEDZ was
BEG being
BEM am
BEN been
BER are
BEZ is
CC coordinating conjunction
CD cardinal number
DO do
DOD did
DOG doing
DON done
DOZ does
DT determiner
EX existential `there'
FW foreign word
HV have
HVD had (past tense)
HVG having
HVN had (past participle)
HVZ has
IN preposition or subordinating conjunction
JJ adjective
JJR adjective, comparative
JJS adjective, superlative
LS list item marker
MD modal
NN noun, singular or mass
NNS noun, plural
NP proper noun, singular
NPS proper noun, plural
PDT predeterminer
POS possessive ending
PP personal pronoun
PP$ possessive pronoun
RB adverb
RBR adverb, comparative
RBS adverb, superlative
RP particle
SYM symbol
TO infinitive marker `to'
UH interjection
VB verb, base form
VBD verb, past tense
VBG verb, gerund or present participle
VBN verb, past participle
VBP verb, non-3rd person singular present
VBZ verb, 3rd person singular present
WDT wh-determiner
WP wh-pronoun
WP$ possessive wh-pronoun
WRB wh-adverb
XNOT not and n't


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This is a part-of-speech tagset for Qtag. When you tag your corpus using tagger, you will be able to extract words of different uses. For example, do you know which form of "left" is used mot frequently: adjective use of left indicating direction, adverbial use of left indicating direction, left as the past form of leave, left as the past participle form of leave? Or if you want to find out all instances of proper nouns, you can extract all words tagged as NP1 (singular form) and NP2 (plural form). You can do this using a tagged corpus more readily than a raw corpus.

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