asking for some papers

I'm doing corpus-based research, and I need the following a few papers badly. Thank you for your help!
1. Noticing, Learning and Acquiring the Central uses of Common English Words.
2. A Corpus-based Study on Adjective Intensification in Chinese EFL learners' Writing
3. Collocation Patterns of Delexical Verbs in Chinese EFL Learners’ Writing.
They are papers presented at the 2003 International Conference on Corpus Linguistics in Shanghai.
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I once meant to give you a hand but unable to find my conference proceedings at the moment. You may ask Dr. Xu Jiajin or Prof. Wei Naixing for help for Dr. Xu also participated the conference and Prof. Wei co-organized it.
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I have the proceedings, but need some time to digitize them.
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Hahh..., sorry:eek: , Jiajin. I'm tranferring some trouble to you. Hope that won't disturb you much. ;)

By the way, where's the sender of this first posting? Good luck!
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Really? I actually visited this site years ago and found it working properly. Recently I noticed that it still existed but without checking its state when I made a reply to this post. Ehr, a mistake. :eek: