Corpora Vol 3, No 2 (2008) 目录

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Corpora 2008 年第 3 卷第 2 期的目录,转贴一下:

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

Journal Title: Corpora
Volume Number: 3
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: October 2008

Main Text:

Corpora: Volume 3, Number 2 is now available online from Edinburgh University
Press at:

Table of Contents:

Taking genre into account when analysing conceptual relation patterns (Anne

Portability of cause-effect relation markers across specialised domains and text
genres: a comparative evaluation
(Elizabeth Marshman, Marie-Claude L'Homme, and
Victoria Surtees)

ONZE Miner: the development of a browser-based research tool (Robert Fromont and
Jennifer Hay)

'Suggesting rather special facts': a corpus-based study of distinctive lexical
distributions in translated texts
(Ana Frankenberg-Garcia)

Construction and annotation of a corpus of contemporary Nepali (Yogendra P.
Yadava, Andrew Hardie, Ram Raj Lohani, Bhim N. Regmi, Srishtee Gurung, Amar
Gurung, Tony McEnery, Jens Allwood, and Pat Hall)

Review: Mahlberg, M. 2005. English General Nouns: A Corpus Theoretical Approach.
Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company (Erik Voss)

Review: Hidalgo, Quereda and Santana (eds, 2007) Corpora in the Foreign
LanguageClassroom. Amsterdam: Rodopi (Kornwipa Poonpon)

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