COLSEC--CLEC"s cousin Coming Soon


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Hope this corpus will be distributed in the same way as clec. Most of the corpora in China are made on public funds, but the face-to-face-with-text use is only confined to a handful of compilers. Of course, their effort should be awarded, for example, by money paid for the manual, but public benefit should also be taken into consideration.
I guess they might have some problem keeping annonymous of speakers' identities.
This problem can be avoided in transcripts, if the public to denied access to the orifinak recordings.
建成和拥有了较雄厚的语料库资源和相关技术软件,为今后研究打下了坚实基础。共承担和主持了语料库研究方面3个国家社会科学基金项目和学校985项目的建设:与广东外语外贸大学合作,承担国家社科“九五”规划项目,建成了国内第一个学生英语语料库CLEC:该库总词容为110万,涵盖专业英语、大学英语、中学英语3类学习者的语料;主持了国家社科基金01BYY007项目,进行“中国大学英语学习者口语语料库”建设,该语料库建成后将含70万词容和语音、语调、话轮、话语结构等学生口语信息;主持了国家社科基金02BYY016项目“语料库技术在外语中的应用”,正将JDEST、CLEC等转化为网络在线资源。另通过购买和交换,获得了多个国际语料库。继AGTS后,开发了拥有自主知识产权的CAST(Corpus Analysis and Statistics Tools)软件,可对语料进行多功能、多层面的自动检索、统计和分析,并拥有其它数种软件。(3)开展基于语料库的中国学生英语特征、中间语规律研究,发表论文多篇。
We have just developed the "College Learner Spoken English Corpus" (COLSEC), a sister corpus of the CLEC (College Learner English Corpus), and the CD-ROM of which will be published together with our book by Shanghai Foreign Languages Education Press (上海外语教育出版社) in October this year. Hope it helps. That will save you months of drugeries.

This is a post (with my editing) by wzli in another thread.
Oh great, you mean this coming October?! Terrific! How about the one the authors promised to present , named by "中国英语学习者失误语料库“or something like that? I hope they will not take back all they said.
There can be delays. It will be published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.