回复: CALL与语料库的关系

WHO is WHO in TESOL, CALL & Corpus Lingustics Nov 2nd, 2008 by admin

Mark Davies Searchable Online Corpora
Scott Thornbury A Dictionary of ELT Terms, Grammar, Discourse Analysis
Ted Power Downloadable and printable worksheets & practical advice
Jane & Dave Willis - Task-Based Learning - sample lesson plans
Jack C. Richards Second Language Teaching, Error Analysis, Curriculum Development, Applied Linguistics
Gavin Dudeney CALL, Second Life
Susan Stempleski Cultural Awareness, Video in Second Language Teaching
Sue Kay Reward Resource Packs
Carol Read Teaching English to Children (Younger Learners)
Mark Warschauer Electronic Literacies & CALL
Mark Powell Teaching English for Business - Wiki
Marianne-Celce Murcia Language Teaching Methodology, Teaching Pronunciation, Pedagogical Grammar
Adrian Underhill Teaching Pronunciation
Albert Sidney Hornby Oxford Advanced learner’s Dictionary (OALD)
Ken Hyland Academic Writing & Teaching
Pete Sharma Technology in Language Teaching
Michael Lewis The Lexical Approach, Teaching Collocation
Michael Vince Grammar Practice Activities
Jim Scrivener Learning Teaching, ELT Methodology
Penny Ur Teaching Grammar, Speaking & Listening Comprehension, Warmers, ELT Methodology
Mario Rinvolucri Grammar Games & Story-Telling Techniques
Paul Emmerson Teaching English for Business, Business Grammar
Brian Tomlinson Materials development in Language Teaching, Language Analysis
Carol A. Chapelle Computer Applications in Second Language Acquisition
I. S. Paul Nation Teaching & Learning Vocabulary
Guy Wellman ELT Wordbuilder
Peter Viney Survival English Coursebook Series
Andrew Wright Warmers, Using Pictures & Games in Language Teaching, Storytelling Techniques, Teaching Children (Younger Learners)
Friedericke Klippel Speaking Activities
Rob Nolasco Characteristics of Native-Speaker Conversation, Teaching Speaking
Tessa Woodward Planning Lessons & Courses
Tricia Hedge ELT Methodology
Steven J. Molinsky & Bill Bliss Picture Dictionaries, Phonics, Teaching Strategies, Side by Side & Word by Word Series
Priscilla Osborne Teaching One-to-One, Needs Analysis
Christine Nuttall Teaching Reading
Digby Beaumont Elementary English Grammar
Michael Swan Practical English Usage (Grammar), Learner English (L1-dependent grammar & pronunciation mistakes)