Announcing CQPwebInABox


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Lancaster University has announced the release of CQPwebInABox. See Andrew Hardie's message below:

Hi everybody,

This is just a quick note to announce the availability of CQPwebInABox – a virtual machine image containing a pre-installed copy of CQPweb.

This will allow you to have your own copy of CQPweb on your own computer, where you can install your own corpora!

The image (1.6GB) can be downloaded here:

To run it, you will need to install VirtualBox (although I believe other virtualisation tools can also use the same file format, I haven’t yet tested this).

You can get VirtualBox here:

Then “import appliance” from the .ova download.

The virtual machine runs Linux – however, I have set it up in such a way as to make the interface as similar to Windows as possible. So don’t fear the Linux!

I will create some video tutorials & put them on YouTube as soon as I can.

Feedback welcome.