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这个博士项目全名叫 PhD Program in Educational Studies,下面分九个不同方向,我所在的是 Second Language Studies Concentration,这个方向我们目前有三位老师 (Dr. Pae, Dr. Shin和我)可以招收博士生,具体方向包括应用语言学、二语习得、心理语言学、语言测试、系统功能语法,计算机辅助教学,语料库语言学等。申请材料截至时间是今年12月1号,明年秋季入学。附件中有课程培养计划和我们的招生 flyer。博士生都有机会上 ESL 的课程,这个可以减免学费,也提供 stipend,感兴趣的同学,可以将 CV 发送一份给我。


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老师,我想了解下IDT的主要课程有哪些?读博期间主要有哪些任务?比起国内的语料库语言学专业,它有什么特色? 谢谢您!祝您工作顺利,笑口常开:p
Instructional Design Technology (IDT) 的课程在这里有详细说明:
补充说明一下,我们这里的博士学位项目有九个不同的专业 (concentration),如果你对语料库语言学感兴趣,那么主要修读的是 Second Language Studies 专业的课程,不是 IDT;当然,必修课之外你可以辅修其他方向的课程。
下面是关于 SLS 专业及课程的说明:

The Second Language Studies concentration within the School of Education Ph.D. Program prepares students to be researchers and teacher-researchers of second/foreign language acquisition, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, and assessment who work in regional, national, or international universities or in other educational institutions and corporations. The program of study engages Ph.D. students in rigorous theory- and research-based exploration of various contributors/factors that impact second/foreign language learning and teaching, from early childhood through adulthood, with emphasis on cognitive development, social opportunities, and educational access.

Ph.D. students in the Second Language Studies concentration receive rigorous training through coursework, individualized mentored research experience, and other professional development activities such as conference presentations and scholarly publications. Through intensive scientific training, students acquire and consolidate knowledge and skills essential for critical evaluation of existing knowledge and development of new knowledge in second language studies. Ph.D. students are expected to be active members of scholarly communities at regional, national, and international levels through their contribution to and leadership in the field.

Second Language Studies Ph.D. students also have opportunities to gain research experience through various programs and research centers in the School of Education and across the University. There are also ample opportunities to gain teaching experience through the Center for English as a Second Language, ELS, and several other English language institutes, schools, and programs in the region.

An SLS Ph.D. student’s advisor will be a faculty member of the Second Language Studies concentration. Under the supervision of a faculty advisory committee, students design programs of study that suit their unique research interests, expertise, and professional goals. This can be achieved through a combination of required courses and electives. At least one year of the program of study must be completed through full time study. During the year of full-time study, Ph.D. students may not hold full-time employment. In addition to the EDST Ph.D. core courses, the Second Language Studies concentration requires seven (7) required courses (21 semester hours) and a minimum of two (2) elective courses (6 or more semester hours), as outlined below:

Required Courses (21 hours):
  • LSLS 9061: Foundations of Second Language Acquisition (3 cr.)
  • LSLS 9062: Advanced Study of Second Language Acquisition (3 cr.)
  • LSLS 9063: Advanced Seminar in Teaching English as a Second Language I (3 cr.)
  • LSLS 9064: Advanced Seminar in Teaching English as a Second Language II (3 cr.)
  • LSLS 9051: Mentored Research (3 cr.)
  • LSLS 9052: Advanced Mentored Research (3 cr.)

Recommended Elective Courses (minimum 6 cr., some offered online)
  • LSLS 8060: Content-Based second Language Education (3 cr.)
  • LSLS 7068: Sociolinguistics and Bilingual Education (3 cr.)
  • LSLS 9055: Writing for Publication in Education (3 cr.)
  • LSLS 7054: Literacy as a Linguistic and Cultural Tool (3 cr.)
  • LSLS7060: Applied Linguistics (3 cr.)
  • LSLS7061: Teaching and Assessing College ESL: Reading and Writing (3 cr.)
  • LSLS7062: Teaching and Assessing College ESL: Oral (3 cr.)
  • LSLS7064: Pre-K-12 Methods of Teaching ESL I (3 cr.)
  • LSLS7065: Pre-K-12 Methods of Teaching ESL I (3 cr.)
  • CI 7006: Immigrant Children and Families (3 cr.)
  • CI 8006: Global Education: Educational Systems (3 cr.)
For those who are still interested in applying to the Ph.D program in Educational Studies (Second Language Concentration strand), the deadline of application has extended to December 15th.
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欢迎大家报考 2019 年秋季入学的第二语言研究/应用语言学方向的博士,材料递交截止时间是12月1号。